Notifications if Zigbee Device goes offline

TIA for any help. Went with some Zigbee plugs that are used to activate some essential security devices (providing power to those devices to initiate some security protocols such as verbal alarm warnings etc). Am brand new to Zigbee but changed to Zigbee to keep everything local and out of the cloud as well as transitioning from Tasmota as it is questionable how long Tasmotized devices will remain compatible with Hubitat based on suggestions from other members here. Is there any way to receive an automatic Pushover notification if one of those devices (not the Hub) goes offline (i.e., Zigbee connection is lost even if the Zigbee plug is not actively providing power to its device)? I was able to do this with my Tasmota devices but a also concerned about “overloading” my system with constant polling. Thanks for any suggestions.

Might want to take a look at:

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+1 for Device Watchdog. I have the report run 4 times a day to alert me to any dropoffs (ie non active for 3 hours).

So far I have no issues with my few tasmota devices. In any case I can move my tasmota stuff over to node red if they ever stop working in HE.

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