Notifications buffer in app?

I'm on a vacation now and set a lot of (app) notifications to monitor my house while not there: door locked/unlocked (cats feeding), triggered motion sensors, light status (random lightning), etc

My phone is not always on (vacation...) and also not obligatory within a wifi network.

I noticed that I missed a lot of notifications (example: door locked but no unlocked door before). Is it normal to miss those notifications ? I know that sms notifications are different (provider keep them until displayed), but any comment will be gladly read.

Btw, is it a way to change that behavior ?
I want to obtain the notification history when I open my phone again.

This is one of those instances when I think Pushover and/or Slack really excels in terms of notifications. I'd like to see the HE team add this to the app, but if they don't, Pushover and Slack can both do this. I like Pushover because when I'm out of service, notifications aren't lost.


Indeed. I've taken a twilio account and a little fee allows me to receive unlimited sms messages, all buffered and susceptible to custom rules (If HE notification1 send sms to phone 1 else send sms to phone 2, etc), send "unimportant" notifications to HE app and important ones (alarm) to HE app AND Twilio.
will compare both in future tests