Notifications are unusable on iOS app

On the iOS app, you cannot click on a notification and open it to see the full text of the notification. In many cases, this leaves notifications unusable.

I mentioned this previously on this forum but I'm wondering if there is a formal process I need to follow to report this as a bug. Any help in getting this into whatever queue is used to get things fixed is appreciated.


Agreed, I ended up switching to a telegram notification driver since I had setup a telegram bot before to get notifications from Plex. I like it better anyway but the annoyances of the Hubitat app forced my hand faster.

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I've seen this acknowledged and would expect it to be fixed in a future build.


Thanks for your response. I noticed this was first reported 8 months ago and was surprised a problem with functionality as critical to home automation as notifications hadn’t been addressed. As a new user, I wasn't sure if I needed to report it or open a ticket. I’ll check the next iOS app update and see if things are working again.

Get Pushover. You can do more with it and it has native integration

This can depend on your perspective... I am like you and like the tactile interaction with my home, but there are some that like to achieve a lighter touch effect where interaction is required less. That said.,... I am not saying HE is taking the lighter touch approach... just that this can factor into the thinking for some,,,

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