Notifications app vs HSM notifications, different?

How come the notification app sends and stores notification only to the HE phone app while HSM app send the push notifications to my phone Notification center and the HE app? I have to open the HE app to see the notifications from the notification app which is annoying and I usually miss them because I don't have the app open. The ones from HSM stay on my lock screen and in the easily accessed phones native notification center. I have iOS and HE version

What kinda phone? Apple/Android??

iphone 11, iOS 14.4

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Since I have Android, I'm not going to be much help. Sorry...

Im I the only one see this ? I can only get notifications from the Notifications app if I open the HE phone app. HSM goes where it should, to the phones native notifications center which is preferred and HE app.

What is the HSM app?

HSM = Hubitat Safety Monitor

Have you found anything ? I started about a month ago having the same issue. It just stopped working.

Its working for me now. They all in the phone notification center.

i had to open the he app on the phone, click on my hub name and select my phone identifier for the notifications to work on my phone like normal notifications do. otherwise they just stayed in the app only. of course that was after i added my phone as a presence device on my hub at home.