Notifications app java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method replace() on null object (doAlerts)

I'm new to hubitat But computer literate. I installed and added a notifier for the notification app and include use of %device% and %time% in the message. I noted that the text message wasn't sent and the past logs show the subject line (w/o "Notifications app" Error level log entry. I've revised the notifier to remove %device% (systematic) and retesting. I didn't find the error string in a search of the community; wondering if I'm 1st to report Or do you use a github et. al. repo for bug reports?

Thanks for any info.

Best regards, Mike

It has been reported and a fix is in the works.

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NullPointerException is a RuntimeException . Runtime exceptions are critical and cannot be caught at compile time. They crash the program at run time if they are not handled properly. When a class is instantiated, its object is stored in computer memory. The NullPointerExceptions occur when you try to use a reference that points to no location in memory (null) as though it were referencing an object. These include:

  • Calling the instance method of a null object.
  • Accessing or modifying the field of a null object.
  • Throwing null as if it were a Throwable value.