Notifications App - Configure Audio Notifications - "> Set track name to play" , how do I do this?

I have been using the Notifications App for all our water senors for a good while now, but I have them set up to play with our Sonos speakers as "On this speech device".
The only problem with that is, the volume of a notification is based on each of the Sonos last volume setting which might to be to low to hear is a different room.

I would like to set them all up under the "On the Music Device" at a set volume, but I have no idea on how to setup or create a "> Set track name to play".

I did some searching for "How to setup > Set track name to play" but didn't find anything on what step to take.

I also seen "Set Track - Track URI" listing in my Sonos app setting, but I don't know how to use it?

Here is what I have going on right now.

What I'm wanting to do is stop using the "On this speech device", and set all of the notifications as "On the Music Device". But I have no idea on how to create a "> Set track name to play"...

I'm not sure what Apps I need to install, or what steps I need to take.
Any information would be grateful, Thanks!

Create a test rule, and check if you have custom options for your sono speakers?

If you in fact do, you can remove this from HSM and create a rule instead of using HSM.

It doesn't look like I do.

I don't have HSM setup in Hubitat.

You want to pick a custom action.

I'm able to do that.
But, when I click on "any" of the Custom Commands like Speak. I now have to choose parameters type, which make me more confused?

I’m assuming match the name of the song?

Do you have another custom action for volume ?

I want to play a custom message, "Hot Water Heater - Water Sensor has detected water on the floor!" but I don't see how to do that?

Change the "Set Mode or Variables, Run Custom Action" to "Send, Speak or Log a Message..." then "Send or Speak a Message" then Type the message and choose the "Speak this message" slider and choose your devices.

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What he said.

Sorry I’d have to be working with it to figure it out, but play around with it.

That is not "playing a track". That is sending a message with TTS. The driver has to support TTS, which you can see since the "Speak" command is available in the driver. What you want to do is use the command "Send or Speak a Message".

This is how you do TTS with Hubitat.

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The custom action were mention to see if he could find volume control.

Was the last message from the OP. That is what I was responding to.

Thanks everyone for your help.

I realize now what I wanted to do, would need to be setup in Rule Machine and not in the Notification App. In order to play a costume messages and have the volume adjust to a certain level during play back.

I was so use to using the Notification App, that I noticed if I wanted to have a preset volume during playback I would have to choose On this Music device and then the only option after that was to "Set track name to play", which was where I was lost at.

Thanks again everyone for your help!

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