Notifications App - "changed" trigger doesn't exist

I've been wanting to test notifications of presence in order to debug HSM issues I'm having.

I note that in Rule Machine I can set triggers on changed (eg. presence changes, send notification).
I cannot do the same in the notification app - it seems I can send a notification on an explicit circumstance, and i can limit it to once a day or for x minutes, but not "on change".

My issue is that, in my example above, I don't want to limit getting a presence notification only once a day, and I don't want to get a notification every 'x' minutes about it either, Only on a change. eg. I also want to see instances when the modes change (eg. mode=Away should trigger when my presence changes to 'not present' and I want to confirm that).

I might be misunderstanding, but in the notifications app you can flip the toggle to “on” for both present and not present. Then the notification will run both when you arrive and depart. You can configure a few variables in the notification options if you have more than one device in the notification, or present/not present for a given event.

Is that not what you’re trying to do?

If you want a notification only when both the mode and presence change, I think you’d have to use rule machine for that kind of logic.

Perhaps I was mis-reading it - I assumed I would continue to get notifications unless I put in one of the restrictions like 'once-a-day' or 'every x minutes'. If it is indeed triggering the change, then that should work fine. At this point, I'm not trying to do anything more complex than that - it's mostly just trying to make sure everything is working properly before I start making a bunch of changes that rely on it functioning a certain way.

Thanks for the reply! I'll give it a test and see what happens.

Oh I think I see what you meant.

No, it won’t continually notify while someone is present/not present if you don’t enter one of those restrictions. But for presence events, it could potentially notify you several times at once if you are just straddling the boundary of your geofence.