Notifications App: Beep and Custom Chime for Audio Notifications for a Notifier

I got my hands on a Zooz Multisiren and spent a good two hours loading stupid wav files on this thing. But after some searching through the forums, I have found out the only way to play these is to duplicate all the stuff I already have in Notification (the built-in app) Notifier rules as conditions in Rule Engine so I can fire "chime" actions.

There's got to be a better way!

It looks like Speech and Music devices are the only options for an Audio Notification when configuring a Notifier. Is it possible to add support for beep and chime actions from within the Notification App?


Also, beep and chime support within HSM arming notifications would be cool too.

Side note: I just learned the hard way that "strobe" on the Zooz Multisiren just maps to "siren" while I was holding it in my face.

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