Notifications app and restrictions

The restrictions part of the notification app doesn’t seem to be working
I want to have pushover notification set up to notify me when a contact is opened but only when mode is set to away or night. Without the restriction, I am notified correctly when a contact is opened When I select the restriction of (mode to away/ night) I get no notification.
Is there something that I am missing?

Dare I ask if you've checked your hub to make sure it is in Away or Night mode when you open the contact sensor? :slight_smile: (This is under Settings > Location and Mode.) It should work as you describe.

Under the setting, I have existing modes of disarm, night, away
Under the Hubitat safety monitor app, I have the intrusion modes set to notify me of an intrusion(through pushover)( this works). I set up each contact under the notifications app to send a message letting me know which contact was opened. I did this because The safety monitor app pushover message only says “intrusion detected “but doesn’t tell me where the intrusion is.
Again. My current set up, without the restriction, each contact sends me a message of which contact was opened. When I apply the restriction, no message is sent when alarm is disarmed or when it is armed.

It sounds like you might be making a common mistake: confusing HSM arm status with your hub/location's mode. Mode Manager is a built-in app you can use to change hub modes, which you can view and configure (and manually set if desired) in Settings > Location and Modes > Modes. (That is why I asked you to view your current mode there and verify.)

Hubitat Safety Monitor arm state can be configured in the Hubitat Safety Monitor app, and there is a bit of overlap in that there are options to automatically arm/disarm HSM based on hub mode. (And, of course, a rule can do whatever you want in either direction.) But they are separate entities that are not tied together unless you create some automation that causes this.

Holy cow. That’s confusing. I would have never thought that the hsm app mode didn’t change the mode under settings. I will look into mode manger app and rules to link.
Thank you.

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