Notifications and Dashboard integration

Hello all,

I am not sure if many people would like this feature however, I would like to be able to disable notifications until next event via a dashboard button. Is there any way to integrate this feature?

example: I have auto lock enabled on my door. I programmed it to repeat message every minute if left unlocked. If I bypass the auto lock and leave my door unlocked, I have my Echo bellowing every minute that the front door has been left unlocked. I would like to be able to have a button on the Dashboard that would

  • have a button to increase the time to repeat to say 30 minutes until next event.
  • have a MUTE button for that specific event.

Anyone else interested in this feature?

Add Mute/Bypass/Delay integration between Notifications and Dashboard.
  • Please add support
  • Not needed

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I never used it, but have you looked at Message Central by cobra? I believe if you centralise your messages through it, you could restrict it using a switch like you said

The feature "Switch to disable Notifications" is already there under Restrictions. Just make a simple rule that turns a switch off after a delay. If you want it to be activated by a button, simply make that the trigger device of your rule.

Thanks for the information, SmartHomePrimer.
I was able to perform one of my 2 steps though.
I had to use the Rules Machine and Virtual Switch to turn off the Virtual switch for next trigger.

  • Detect door locked
  • Then turn off Virtual Switch if it was on.

Therefore, using the Restrictions, I was able to set the Virtual switch to turn off the alerts.

Now the only other option is to trigger a 15-30 minutes delayed alert... I guess I can create a secondary door alert for long term alerting. Is this the route to go??

The delay can be any length of time you want. One possibility it a second button press sets a condition for a different delay length.