Notification without Internet connection?

Has anyone found a way of getting push notifications from a Hubitat hub without an Internet connection? It would be a nice feature of the Hubitat app to be able to fall back and use the local WiFi network to get messages directly from the hub

Not via the built-in app (not a definitive no, but I don't believe it can), but using Tasker I have (Android only). What type of mobile device are you using? Android? Apple? Other?

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I have an Android and also use Tasker but haven't figured how to set it up to get notifications locally so I would be interested in how you approached this.

I am probably using the term notifications a little loosely at this stage. I technically haven't used this approach for that purpose, though I intend to.

My first use of Tasker in anger was to turn on my tablet based on motion being detected from a hue motion sensor. I skipped over some of the steps involved in setting this up, but you can see some of the process here:

Although the Tasker plugin I have used is called AutoRemote, it is essentially sending a piece of text to Tasker that you respond to however you want, which could include generating a notification on the mobile / tablet. So you will need to still build a profile or two in Tasker to handle the "notifications" (HTTP calls) from HE, it's not a fully built solution I am offering.

More recently I have had grander plans to setup something broader, which I would like to include notifications, though I don't talk about it much in the conversation so far.

I would like to build options for actionable notifications, given it can be something that is cumbersome to setup, so having something pre-built that just requires configuration would be nice.

Anyway, I've probably hijacked your thread enough... :slight_smile: Hopefully you can get something out of this.

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One last thing.... I have been thinking over the last few hours it would be nice to have the controller app / tasker project I am constructing able to switch between local communication and cloud-based... but still just a thought at this stage...

My goal is this; If my internet connection goes down and my cellphone is on the local WiFi, I want to command the WiFi (on my phone) to turn off so it's still connected to the internet. Right now I accomplish this using node-red running on a cloud server that watchdogs my home router and if it loses connection node-red sends an SMS (Twilio) to my phone and Tasker intercepts that and turns the WiFi off. This works great but would like to find a more local solution. If I can send messages from my hum directly to my phone then I can accomplish the same thing, plus much, much more.

The the method I used to send the commands using AutoRemote should hopefully suite that purpose. There is also a cloud option for sending commands using AutoRemote, and that is often the approach described, which is why solving the local comm's in the thread I linked to was a win. So you should be able to use AutoRemote for both cloud and local comm's I expect, then like you say, the possibilities are endless....

I would combine an internet connection detection option in HE, there are a couple of Community drivers / apps that do this, with sending the HTTP calls locally from my earlier linked post, to turn off the wifi.

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Thanks very much!

Too bad for me. AutoRemote isn't compatible with with my Samsung Galaxy S21. Not sure why. It says I can download it for my Galaxy S7 but I don't use that one anymore.

:frowning: That's also not good news given I want to release something that will rely on it... Hmm... Might need to investigate that one a little more. Thanks for letting me know.

I found there may be another solution and that is Tasker Join. It looks to do similar things as AutoRemote and is compatible with all my devices. I haven't installed it yet but from the way I read it, in order to to make use of "Join" it requires a cloud connection to make use of the API. If that is the case then its a non starter for me but you may have other uses.

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Yeah that was my understanding as well in terms of join being the alternative / option moving forward. Will need to look at it some more including the local capability.

I found it hard to find details on whether Join can be used with a simple URL like I am using with AutoRemote. The details on Join seem to indicate the App or Chrome extension will attempt to use local communication if it is available, but that would rely on the app / extension driving the comm's, but for use in HE we need a URL.

That said, in Tasker, 6.2rc, it looks like Tasker accepts HTTP requests directly now, without the need for something like AutoRemote's Wi-Fi-based HTTP server. This sounds really cool. I will check it out, but the demo video from the beta is pretty clear that it will do exactly what I envisaged for my own uses within HE.

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