Notification "Windows open" when I leave the house

Looking for best practice
I have contact sensors on my 1st floor windows and the front door.

Would like a "notification" via Echo speaks when the front door is opened that says "Attention Bedroom Window is open" but only if the bedroom window (or any of the other windows) is/are open I want that message to be played.

Difficulty is that the trigger is another contact sensor than the one that needs to be his status checked.

When the trigger is the same contact that needs to be checked - I got this to work:

Using Rule Machine your trigger event remains as your front door but you need to use conditional actions for your windows, so:

Select Actions to Run
IF "Bathroom Window" OPEN THEN...

You can build on these by adding in AND or OR conditions, so:
IF "Window A" OR "Window B" OR "Window C" OPEN THEN...

I use a very similar rule but the triggers are when mode changes to Night (going to bed) or Away (going out). The alert is colour bulbs in table lamps turn green for a few seconds if ALL (A and B and C...) the windows are closed, or turn red if ANY (A or B or C...) of the windows are open.

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I would recommend you try this app. I think it would do what you are looking for:


Here is sn app i ported years ago.

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If you use HSM it can be set to notify you of open contact sensors when you arm it.

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Got it to work, thank you
Tried at first with %device% is %value% but I got the status of the front door instead of the windows so I made a custom message to suit my needs

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The announcement function works great and it is an easy to use app, however could not get the front door contact act as the trigger

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another option to explore, thank you