Notification when open app

Ever since I started using HE, each time I open the the app on my iPhone or iPad, I get a notification from Hubitat. There is nothing in Notifications other than previous notifications.

What notification am I being alerted to, or is this just how the app works?

Mind sharing a screenshot?

This is from my iPad running iPadOS 15.7
App version is (I see there is an update)

I was incorrect about receiving the notification on my iPhone. I only get it on my iPad. My wife also gets the notification when she opens the app on her iPad

I created a video of me opening the app and the notification appearing but I don’t see a way to upload a video.

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As a test, I disabled ‘Allow Notifications’ on the iPad and that annoying drop down box did not appear when opening the app. This disables all HE notifications. I will be the first to agree this is trivial, but for someone with OCD, what am I being notified of?

The iPad is WiFi only and rarely leaves the house, so geofencing is disabled. Location for HE was turned off in iOS.

After turning geofencing back on, and turning location back on, then turning them both off the notification dropdown box has not appeared again.

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