Notification through Alexa speakers

My apologies if this is answered elsewhere. I bet I'm not alone and imagine someone must have asked, but I cannot find the answer. Can and if so, How do I get a speech notification through my Alexa speakers of an event? For example, my son arrives home so Alexa says "Son has arrived", or some such ... Or, we all return home from a trip and Alexa says " Welcome home great family". You get the idea. I have been able to get Alexa alone to address some such things, but that requires multiple routines and is not ideal. I'm hoping Hubitat can handle the triggers, scenarios, etc and simply use Alexa speakers to bring the voice. I see "Notifications" in Hubitat and it seems to be great for sending a text, but I would much prefer a voice notification. I'm not a programmer but also doubt this is a pipe dream.

Setup Echo Speaks:

You can then use the Notifications app or Rule Machine to setup rules for different notifications as you've described.

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This sounds promising as well as awesome! I am rather new to the Hubitat world and tend to be a little cautious installing apps or trialing too much. Hubitat is and has performed perfectly and I don't want to mess it up with my error. I say that as background for my next question. I see Hubitat Program manager referred to many times. Other than that, I am not familiar with it. Is that a downloadable app or how do I get that in order to get this?

Follow the steps found in the GitHub link in the thread below.


Excellent. Thank you jkudave.

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