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I have all of my notifications speak on my echos through echo speaks as well as a notification on my phone. Is there a way to not be notified on my phone when mode is set to home without restricting the echo notification/announcement. I know this can be done with 2 separate notification rules but that just seems sloppy.

Perhaps IF-THEN and IF ELSE-THEN? I know, still kind of two rules in one rule but easier to keep track of than two separate rules. FWIW, I have done this as well as a work around, but perhaps @tonesto7 can chime in with a more elegant solution.

I would simply use the Notifications app. It's not sloppy and it takes no more resources than anything else..

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I am using notification app and love it. Just gotta stop blowing up my phone with notifications when I'm home, lol. The echo speakers announcing my notifications are enough than.

That makes me think maybe theirs a different way to do this based on mode. Home notify echo speaker, away notify phone.

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That can easily be done...

Can that be done globally as in just a rule for all notifications in general.

Well each notification would have to have that restriction built into it. I don't see how you could limit all notifications to a single trigger. I mean, would you want to restrict a notification about a water leak to just night time where the water leak happened during the day an ruined your house? That could happen with that kind of global limitation. (Law of unintended consequences). Much easier to build the conditional into the individual rule/notification

That's a very good point, and with my luck that's exactly the type of thing that would happen.

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