Notification options w/o native SMS?

Just got set up last night with one water sensor. After watching a few YouTube videos, I thought I could just add a text alert, but then discovered that native SMS support has been removed.

Okay, what are my options then if I want to be notified on my mobile phone...preferably not via e-mail?

Does the Hubitat mobile app install a service on Android that is always listing for notifications?


Yes, the Hubitat Mobile App for Android and iOS performs three main functions:

  1. Supports Push Notifications
  2. Supports Mobile Presence via Geofencing
  3. Supports access to Hubitat Dashboards

You have some additional Official Notification options as well:

  1. Hubitat Mobile Push Notifications
  2. Pushover Push Notifications
  3. Twilio SMS Notifications

Safe to say I don't need something like Twilio, then, just the mobile app, which is free?

If so, once I have the app, what are the steps to configure an alert for my water sensor (need a virtual device etc.)?

Once you install the Mobile App on your phone, you will log into the Hubitat Portal with your Hubitat credentials, and then select your hub. This will then create a "Mobile App" device for your phone on your hub. This device supports "Presence" and "Notification" capabilities. You will then be able to select this device from the list of "Notification" devices in various apps within Hubitat, including HSM, Rule Machine, Hubitat Notifications, etc...

Here is a link to the Hubitat Docs for the mobile app.

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Thanks. This info is important for new Hubitat owners, especially since the current crop of Youtube videos on the saftey monitor app all refer to natively supported SMS text alerts.