Notification marked as restricted

2 Notifications, 1 is restricted from 0800-2230, 1 is restricted from 2230 to 0800. The Day time one sends audio messages to all my Sonos devices, the Night time uses less devices. Other than that they are the same setup. The Night Time was setup using a clone of the Day time.

The Night time is tagged as "Restricted" but the Daytime is not, any idea why?
Screen Shot 2023-04-21 at 8.33.57 AM

My assumption would be that you are currently operating in Day mode, and therefore the Night mode is restricted from running.


At what time did you take that screenshot?


What time was it when you took that screenshot?

From what you described, one rule should be restricted from running during daytime/evening, the other rule restricted from running overnight.

So it makes sense only one of them shows as restricted in your screenshot.


what happens at 22:30 exactly? which step is executed?

The night notification does run at 2230.

Update on kids. It seems I have done them a disservice and the freezer has a fault. So the sensor and notification are now alerting 3-4 times a day. But they do their job. Repair company due on Tuesday.

hello User4889
do you have restricted day too?
cause i found the sunday dosen't work.