Notification did not run

I have a notification that acts as a heartbeat for me. The trigger is that my Sonnen battery is discharged below 70% SOC. This should happen every night and it did today.
The trigger is set to run any time from 1 AM until 4PM.
It has worked since I put it in place about 10 days ago, but not last night. The SOC was 58% so it should have.

Is there a reason a notification might not run?

Do you have more than one HE hub? Could you have been connected to another hub at the time? (there is a Community solution for this...)

Another possibility is that one of your notification devices has an issue - it may be inactive, it may be specified incorrectly, it may not be available at that precise moment, etc.
Check you logs to make sure that it wanted to do the notification..

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