Notification App was working now not so much

I have notification apps created using the Notifications. All was working but just this week I noticed that I don't get push notifications sometimes for two of my presence sensors. It still changes when they arrive or depart but it doesn't send the notification. Here is the app I have for Departures. Worked great but now only sends notifications when two of the presence sensors leave.

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Something has gone wrong with the latest update and the Notifications app I think. Hope support looks at this.

My voice notifications stopped working, that were sent through this app.

There was a fix for notifier in 123, I'd recommend you update and see if that fixes the problem for you.

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When you notice something that doesn't happen "sometimes", it suggests that something might be wrong with your device subscriptions. Have you gone into the app and hit Done?

The bug that was fixed had nothing to do with this, and only affected the new Play Track audio notification feature.

Please provide more information, including a screenshot of the app in question. This app works fine, and hasn't stopped working all of a sudden.

@bravenel I am currently running I will do the update and see what happens. this app was running with no problems for many months. The problems started just this week. The presence sensors are updating in HE & Homebridge correctly. I just don't get the notification. But I get the notification for other presence sensors that are selected for the app. I have hit Done in the app.

OK, I updated to .123 and now only one out of the 4 presence sensors that leaves is sending a push notification from the Notify app that I posted above. I can't see anything in logs because there isn't an option to log Notify apps that I can see.

Perhaps you should remove this instance and recreate it. See if that resolves the issue.

I will try that and see what happens. Thanks!

It seems to be working since recreating the notification app. Maybe the other one got corrupted some how.