Notification App Testing

How does one test a notification once its made? I have a device that only polls once per day and I have no way to trick the notification to test it without waiting for a day. The device I want to test is my propane tank level. The physical device (generac/tank utility) polls once per day in the afternoon.

It would be nice in the notification app to trigger the "text" and/or "audio" for testing purposes. Perhaps a feature request?

There's no way to do it without an event (that matches your notification criteria) from the device. If your bigger concern is the setup of the rest of the Notifier app itself, then you could sort of test it by adding another virtual device as a "triggering" device to the app, then manually put that virtual device into a state that should wake the Notifier app and cause your specified actions to happen (this might be difficult if there is no virtual device type for whatever capability you choose to be notified about...).

Alternatively, if you're concerned about the device itself, then you'll have to find some way to make it send a matching event. It sounds like yours might not respond to a "Refresh" command (or perhaps doesn't implement it; if it does but doesn't respond, are you sure you just don't need to "wake" the device? that's typical for Z-Wave, but I don't know what kind of device you have, as I'm not familiar with it). That's about the only way besides just waiting for it to happen naturally.

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I was just doing a search on "propane" and came here, lol.

If you have the Tank Utility unit, or the Generac branded unit, you can force a reading by putting the magnet on the sensor for about two seconds and removing.