Notification App support for smoke detector

Hi, I have the Ecolink Firefighter device configured. This device listens for a smoke alarm. I see nothing in the Notification App list of devices types that I use to select this device. Any suggestions as to how I can create a notification? Seems HSM does not work at all - defaults to All Disarmed and there no way I can find to change that. Notification App would be fine for me though. Any suggestions appreciated.

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HSM keeps multiple Armed/Disarmed statuses but only displays the Intrusion status in most places. If the device itself doesn’t support notification you should be able to create a rule that is triggered from the alarm event to create a custom notification (if you can get it into HSM, HSM will create the notification.)

BTW - Believe Smoke is armed by default in HSM.

Seems HSM is pretty useless to me.

So back to Notifications. This is what I see:

I don't get it. Why is smoke detector not there?

The FireFighter should show up as a Smoke Detector in HSM (mine does).

I don't see it in the list of available devices for the Notification App, we probably should request that for people who want to have a notification without using HSM.

OK any idea how I can request that feature? I've tried HSM and it simply fails to send any notifications. Not sure why but I have a few other posts related to that so hopefully I can get that sorted in the meantime. Sure seems like the Notifications App should be a bit more general purpose though.

I have posted a separate message to the enhancement request area for this enhancement. Another reader also suggested adding CO Sensor capability to the Notification App as well.

I looked for a vote button here, but don't see one... I'm a solid +1 on this request.

I was doing Basic Rules for notifications, but then noticed that Notifier had better repeat rules for looping. I switched my leak sensor alerts over to Notifier and expected to do the same with smoke detector. Alas, no smoke detector support. :cry:

Would love to see smoke detectors added.

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