Notification App not working

Up until yesterday I was getting the notifications I had built. I have...

Rebooted the hub
Logged in and out of the phone app
Rebuilt the notification is working

I have my iPhone in my device list and when I go into the device, I can successfully send a notification.

I see the notification roll by in the log.

Any idea? Thanks!

Some ideas:

  1. Enable whatever logging options are available for the app you are using to create this automation (sounds like the Notifications/Notifier app?).

  2. Verify that the device that "triggers" this notification is actually generating an event (navigate to its device detail page and look at "Events")

  3. Verify that the notification device selected in your Notifier instance is the same device that it sounds like you've tested and works (among other ways: you should see this app under "In use by" on your notification device's device detail page)

Finally, consider sharing a screenshot of your Notifier app (or whatever you're using) and possibly device events (second point above) that you think should "trigger" it but didn't. If the device detail page works to send a notification to your device manually, an app should be able to do it, too--so that's a good first step to ruling out that as a problem (unless it's the third thing above, of coruse!).

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I at least may see the problem. I just don't know how to fix it. Notifications I made prior to yesterday the device shows them in the list of notifications/rules (Yes using built in app). The only one I had from before that is left didn't run in home mode, so I was only working with ones I made today.

I "think" I should see the iPhone listed when I click the "gear" when I go into the app to create a notification, but it says, "App has no child devices" on the bottom of that page. I am new enough that I have no idea how to fix that...assuming it should list my iPhone there.

I'm guessing I did something yesterday while trying to set up Geofency....though this is not the phone/device associated with that app.

Since I'm so early in the setup process...coming over after years with Homeseer...I think I just create a new device in the app. Again...thanks!

This is not how you create a new Notifier instance. You go into the parent Notifications app (the app itself, clicking the parent app name), not the gear icon (the Apps Status page, which can be useful for troubleshooting, especially if you're working with the developer or familiar with the app or likely some internal workings, but not useful for setup).

Can you share a screenshot of what you're seeing? I'm general, you should just be able to select your existing mobile app device (if uoure using the Hubitat mobile app, otherwise whatever you're using) as the notification device in whatever app you're using.

Is what I have circled normal? A notifier I made previously ones don't. Creating one seem pretty straight forward. New ones are not listed at the bottom of my iPhone device page. Only the one I made the other day.

What you've circled is normal--this app does not create any child devices (nor do most apps that are not intended to help with device integration, e.g., Hue or Kasa).

From your second screenshot, it appears you do not have a notification device selected to actually send the notification command to (there is normally a device name before the colon). This is in the Text Notifications box.

Ahh I see that now in the one I made before...but it's not an option I can set? If so, where do I do that?

THANKS! The one that shows on my phone app still shows and guessing that is why it's still working...but again, my first thought is I should just delete that one on the app...log out and start over.

You should be able to click/tap into the Text Notifications box and select it as a device there.

There may be some confusion here; the Hubitat mobile app can be used to access the admin interface (where the screenshots you shared above came from). However, it is not the only way, and it's rarely the best way; a regular computer with your favorite browser is normally easier (though any browser works, including mobile devices--though larger screens will give you the best view, IMO).

Juding by the screenshots, that is likely how you got them, so you may know this. So I guess my point is, no matter how you get to the interface, what you see should be the same in terms of settings, etc. -- it's all stored on the hub. Logging out and back into anything (certainly not the mobile app) won't change that.

OK, thanks I saw that in other posts when notifications failed. I clearly need to step away from the keyboard for the rest of today. That's even in the help file. Thanks again. It works now. The worst part is I must have done it on the first rules. Sigh.