Notification App Issue

I use the Notification app to let me know when my door/window sensors open. I am trying to take advantage of the "Once every x minutes" option. I put 5(minutes) in , but i still get notified every time i open any door/window.

Any suggestions/advice?

Right; this option limits notifications to at most one every 5 minutes (so if you open and close the sensor multiple times within that range, you'll only get one notification). It does not mean how long the sensor has been open for.

If that's what you want (EDIT: I think I misread and it isn't...) you want is the "For how long?" option:

I only want one notification every 5 minutes, regardless of how often i open the door within those 5 minutes. My wife does not want to be bothered every 10s during the summer when the kids open the slider a million times.

What I am asking is, using the "Only once every 5 minutes" i still get notified every single time the door is opened.

Sorry, I misunderstood! But that's still interesting. This setup works for me:

My logs (you can see there's only one notification sent, despite opening/closing more times during that timeframe) illustrate this:

Maybe try removing and re-creating this instance of the app to see if that helps?

Good luck!

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