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I have setup a test notification to fire when either iOS devices leave the geofence. The two options to start with are text notifications or audio notifications - is there no way to get an iOS push notification instead now that we have the iOS app. In the device listing itself in Hubitat you can send test notifications to the device - or do I need to activate this somehow ?

ps is there a good screencap software for windows 10 as these phone photos arn't the greatest.

If ‘Steve’s phone’ has the mobile app installed, you wouldn’t need to enter the number for a notification. The phone number entry is for SMS.

So in text notifications, I just choose the device "send notification to device" choose the phone.
I dont need to add the custom message or the phone number then ?

Yes, you can add a custom message if you would like to. Entering a phone number will send it as an SMS text message instead of a push notification.

The built-in snipping tool works great.

The best part is that it automatically copies the screenshot to the clipboard, and this forum supports pasting images, so you don't even have to save it to embed into your posts.


Use the inbuilt Snipping tool :slight_smile:
Now being phased out in favour of ' Snip & Sketch’ App which is already installed in Windows 10.
Just type snip in the search field..

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Hello, new guy here. Transitioning from SmartThings, I am confused as to how the notifier app works. Does the app send a push notification to my phone or is it just a message in the app under "Tools - Notifications"? I would hate to have to use something else for push notifications. Basically, I set a notification to alert me when motion is sensed in my mailbox. I do get a notification in the app under "Tools - Notifications" but I would like to actually get a push notification and vibration alert. I use iOS and I did go into settings - notifications to give the Hubitat app permission to allow notifications. Is this just how it works in Hubitat? Thanks in advance for any help.

Here are the setup steps for notifications.

When you install the Hubitat app on your mobile device and sign in, tapping the “Create New Device” button in the app adds your device name to the Hubitat Elevation devices list.

In the Notifications app on the hub, you choose your mobile device name to receive the notifications. It’s also possible to send notifications as an action in a Rule Machine rule.

Thanks! I had already done this. Oddly enough it worked for me only after going to Settings and pressing “Send Geo Event.” Weird...

Anyway now I get my push notifications to my iOS device.

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