Notifcations: Not Working


 I'm not new to HE but I am new to some features.  I've been driving notifications to be stored via webcore.  I get the notifications on my phone, but when I click the notification, it opens the app main screen and there's a button to view notifications.  When I click it, it just spins forever.  To the best of my knowledge, this has never worked for me.

One thing I noticed is the notifications screen is before the login screen. I have two hubs. Am I unable to access notifications because it's not logged into a hub specifically when I click it?

If that's true, I understand it but I've looked all over the app once logged into the hub and I can't find notifications.

I must be doing something wrong or have something configured wrong. The notifications are configured to come from my primary hub and thats where I am expecting them to be stored. It's also the same hub that webcore is on which is creating the notifications and configured to store them.