Nothing Working Via SharpTools since update to 2.2.9

I've just updated to 2.2.9 and SharpTools is no longer working on any of my devices. I'm unable to control anything. Does the update block access from SharpTools?

Hey John. Have you tried rebooting your hub, wait several minutes for it to come back up, then reauthorize starting from your user page?

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I've reauthorised access on SharpTools rather than the usual way I do (via the SharpTools app within Hubitat). I can see in the Hubitat logs, that when click a tile something happens as below but nothing is actioned:

app:12021-10-07 23:16:17.093 debugupdateDevice, params: [id:380], request: [command:off, arguments:null]

app:12021-10-07 23:16:14.895 debugupdateDevice, params: [id:380], request: [command:on, arguments:null]

I'll try powering down

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That did it - thanks Josh. I didn't expect to have to reboot within an hour of an update. I'll delete the message from the other forum