Nothing working after zwave repair?

Hi there , I had some issues with some rollers not responding and did a Zwave repair , now nothing ( none of the devices) is working anymore. when I open or close for example a roller , I see the device changing status but nothing is happening . Just wondering if anyone had this ? I have rebooted several times , downgraded to previous version just to try , etc etc

Shutdown the hub from the settings menu. Unplug power for 2 mins. Power back up and see how things are.

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Thanks , didn't think of that , initially I switched off the whole house for a few minutes ( thinking might be good to reset all zwave devices too ) no change . I could not even exclude or include a zwave device. Hub behaves normally and executes rules and devices are showing status changes but nothing happens . then I removed power from hub alone and after that some devices started working . Calibrated all rollers ...... now the same thing again nothing works.... so unreliable. I have friends who are asking me to automate there house but no way I will use this .... a good old PLC that is working all the time will be used . so frustrating

I'm wondering if you have some ghosts causing the issue, but no way to tell that with the C5 without a z-wave stick..

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Lol , thanks , removed power another couple of times and it seems to be holding now . mine is with the ZWAVE usb stick on the power cable any case I ordered the C8 , lets see . I need stable and reliable hub for commercial purposes .

Right but you still need another stick on your pc paired as a secondary controller to look for ghosts. That said, You may not be able to migrate your existing stuff to the c8 with your particular z-wave stick. Just be aware.

oh , I just saw a backup feature on the hub to prepare for migration to a C8 . I hope I dont have to setup all the devices again. maybe best to get a zwave stick anyway

Which z-wave stick do you have on your hub?

not sure , it came with the hub when I bought it .maybe I will plug it in my PC and see if I can get some info.

Snap a pic of the stick

device manager doesn't show much info ....

That one should be able to migrate. @bobbyd can you confirm?

I installed simplicity studio and plugged the hubitat USB z wave stick and I think the issue is indeed with the stick , I am getting varying network health images . Its good since I now understand a bit better how the whole technology works now , I didn't know for example that the devices ( and therefore the security ) is on the stick . I can see the devices and was able to make a backup too. Ordered a C8 and an aeotec z wave stick to play around a bit more.