Notes capability in the device page

This would be at or near the bottom of the list but a notes section would be useful to note certain settings and perhaps issues paring or excluding that would help then next go around. Would think a limit of approx a current tweet size would be fine.



Notes field for devices, apps, and --while I'm wishing-- tiles. To keep from messing up the current page layouts, make them pop-ups when hovering over the name.


Well, let's bump this back to the top. I was changing a couple of batteries that I had only changed a few months ago, or I think it was a few months ago. Having a spot to put that information, or any other notes about the device, on each device would be great.

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Yes -batteries. A place to record date of change and manufacturer.
I'm gonna be in the Hubitat gui checking device status before/after battery swap so having it all in one place would be nice.

Definitely think this is a great idea!

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