Not sure how to use repeat

I have a virtual switch that comes on when there is low battery info. I I'm trying to use fully kiosk controller to play a tone on our tablet while that switches on and I wanted to repeat every few minutes. I'm not use the correct way to do this.

Look at built-in Notifications app. It will do what you want.

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Unless I'm not looking at correctly, Notifier app will not run a custom action.

It works for notification devices. I assumed 'fully kiosk controller' is one of those. If not, you can either use RM to do it, or get the author of the kiosk driver to add notification capability and commands to it. Search here for instructions on how to do repeating notifications with RM.

I assume only under certain conditions? If so, take a look at this thread that demonstrates various ways to repeat in RM. This thread is technically about notifications, but the idea is the same regardless of what you're doing inside the repeat, so just do your custom action there instead. Also, Rule 5.1 has some newer ways to do repeats now, so if those work for you logically, those are fine, too, but these will still work:

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I don't understand why this wouldn't be working based on what I read in that thread.

That should work: when the switch (I assume that's what "Battery Warning" is) turns on, the Rule will trigger and start the repeat (since that initial condition will be true, given the trigger event would have made it so). If the switch turns off, it will stop before the next repeat begins; as you've probably read in the other thread, that's how a simple IF works in a Repeat. (Rule 5.1 now has another way you could do this: "Repeat while rule." But that should do the same.)

It might be good to say what you mean with "isn't working." One thing I can think of: if the switch was already on when you made the Rule, nothing will happen because you never had a trigger event. You can either wait for that to happen (which will usually mean the switch has to turn off, then on again--to generate a state change), or you can manually put things into motion by hitting the "Run Actions" button.

If that's not it, turning on logging for the Rule would be the best way to tell what's happening. Trigger and Action logging would likely be the most useful, but everything won't hurt.