Not sure how to compose rule for dryer

I'm using an acceleration sensor and it has worked well for telling me when the dryer is starting. Basically, it says, when the acceleration sensor is active and has been active for 1 minute, it reports "dryer started"

Not sure how to write the rule for when it stops.
I've tried "when the acceleration sensor is active and has been active for 5 minutes" with a condition set to "and acceleration sensor is inactive" report "dryer finished" but that just doesn't work.

What am I missing?

And no, the echo dot is not capable of telling me when the beeps occur when dryer is finished. I already tried, won't do it.

Here's the rule I use. It works great. You may have to play with the wait times. I have mine a bit high because the washing machine triggers the vibration. I plan on tweaking it when I have time.

Thanks! That's really helpful!!!

Is 'Dryer active' a virtual switch?

No, it's a hub variable. I'm not using right now but thought I may want it. I also have 'Washer active' so I can tweak the wait times based on whether the washer is active. The spin cycle affects the dryer sensor. It's still a work in progress but works very reliably. Glad I could help.

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Looks like we have a similar setup, this has been working for me...


@whimsicalimpulse You can make it easier on yourself and use Laundry Manager available in Hubitat Package Manager.

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Thanks- it works great with my washer but not with my dryer at alll.