Not notify motion on some modes

I use some Rule Machine (5.1) to send notifications to my phone when motion is detected by sensors.

I would like to avoid notifications for some sensors when certain modes are active, for example, when I'm at home.

Thank you for any help.

What I think you need is to include a restriction.... I might leave you to explore that, but happy to help you out i you get stuck....

Thank you,
I added this condition:
NOT Mode "at home" TRUE
Is the "restriction" a condition or should I look elsewhere?

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If you're using RM you can use a required expression and a condition like the one you have to create the restriction Simon mentions. Or you can use an IF statement within the rule if you want the restriction to apply only to certain commands within the rule.

If you're using the notifications app you can apply something similar by using a restriction within the app - in that case it is actually labeled "restrictions."


@brad5 's on the right track and can most likely guide you through this. And to his point, a required expression is what I was thinking of, but it appears I had remembered a related term :-). I'd suggest posting a screenshot of your rule, regardless of the app used. If the Community stops you, sing out and we can arrange that for you.... Well not us :slight_smile: We'll ask the HE Support guys to sort that out for you.


I am currently using Rule MAchine 5.1 app (not Notifications).
For now I will try the conditions, but as soon as possible I will try to broaden my horizons.
Thanks for the immediate help.


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