Not getting notifications using Thermostat

I have an iPhone and a Trane Thermostat. I want to set up alerts that are sent to my phone if the temperature goes below and/or above a certain value. For example, if the temp drops to 60F in the Winter or above 80F in the Summer, then I know there is an issue with the HVAC system.

So I added the notifications app and created a notification using the thermostat as the temperature sensor and set it up to notify me if the temperature is above 70F (it is now a 74F so it should kick off a notification). I told it to notify me every minute...for a test. Nothing.

I went to the iPhone device and used it to send a test message from Safari web browser and sure enough, that comes through. So it is communicating text to the app on the iPhone.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Seems pretty simple and straightforward but not working for me.

BTW, the thermostat is working OK with Hubitat. I am able to control thermostat from the app and the web.

Thanks in advance for assistance.


I am pretty certain that the temperature will need to drop below your upper limit, and then back above the limit before the Notifications App will send anything.

Tagging @bravenel who would probably know for sure.

Post a screenshot of the app.

Ogiewon was correct. I used a hair dryer to take the thermostat temp up. As the temperature started to decrease, the Hubitat started sending me notifications. Seems odd, but apparently it is now working.

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