Not Creating Mobile App Device (iOS)

I have 5 iOS devices. 3 show up in my hub device list as expected. 2 of the 3 are presence sensors, 1 is not. 2 other devices have Hubitat app installed, app works fine, hubitat app settings shows a device name correctly, neither has geofence on as they are not used for presence. I would like to send notifications to these 2 devices so they need to show up as Mobile App Devices. Any idea how I can get the hub to recognize these devices and create them? Thanks!

This should all be do-able on the mobile app side. When you first log into the Hubitat app, it should ask to log into your Hubitat portal (not hub) account. If you have multiple hubs, it should then ask you to select which hub you want to associate with. Finally, it will ask you to either choose an existing mobile device to associate this app with (if you have any on that hub) or create a new one (you should see this option either way).

Since you've already installed and probably used the app on these devices, you've undoubtedly already gone through some of the above steps. Theoretically, you should be able to change any of this under "Settings" in the app--if you have multiple hubs (maybe even if not?), there's a "Select Hub" option, and there's also a "Logout." To be extra sure you're likely to see these options, you could just log out, then log in again, select your hub (if asked), and use the option to create a new mobile device on your hub instead of associating with an existing one. To be super-extra sure, you could just uninstall the app (losing all its settings), reinstall it, and launch it like new as I described in the first paragraph. (Don't forget to check or change your presence settings later--Hubitat really likes to have this enabled, and if you disable it in iOS Settings without disabling it first in Hubitat setttings, it gets unhappy.)

If you never see the option to create a mobile device or associate with an existing device on your hub, then something odd is up. But hopefully one of the above does the trick!

Thanks! I logged out (didn't uninstall the app) and logged back in and created a new device. I already had presence disabled in both Hubitat app and iOS with no issues that I can tell. I'll try the same with the remaining iOS device later.