Not connecting

I cannot get any device to be discovered by my Hubitat via Z Wave. What am i missing?

which hub do you have?
what version is that on?
is the device paired to another hub?
if so, have you excluded/reset it?

And, what country/region are you in? Your hub may be set to the wrong Z-Wave region, causing a mismatch with your devices. Z-Wave Region is set at the top of the Z-Wave Details page.

Hubitat Elevation
Rev C-7
No, I followed the steps to exclude from the previous hub, and reset it.

Central US

Ok, and is your Z-Wave Region set to USA? Just checking, because this could cause what you are describing if not set correctly.

USA, Enabled

shut down from hub panel. Pull power FROM WALL, so hub goes down completely, wait 1 minute, reboot, try again.
Do not pull from micro USB, connector is fragile

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I have completed the reboot. Should I look for anything specific before I try to add a device?

No ,not needed. My hub did this for the firs 5 or so devices, it was weird. Try pairing any repeaters you have first, close to the hub location and then outward