[Not Bug] Button control 5.1 flash

@bravenel i noticed that when you select the flash option
it provides you a list of all switches not just the ones with capability.flash
not sure if there is the same bug in RM

I don't think that the drivers have been caught up with capability.flash, and many devices that do flash won't show up if capability.flash is used to select the devices. Plus, on top of that, there is no guarantee that a given device with or without the capability will flash correctly. I don't know any solution to this other than testing of specific devices you might want to flash.

Rule 5.1 and Button Rule 5.1 do attempt the flash in such a way that it will log an error if the device does not support the flash command, but otherwise not fail due to uncaught error.

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Ok so i cant just do them all then check the logs to see what wasn't happy

The error message does not identify which device doesn't support flash. But you can easily see this by looking at the device page for the devices you want to flash: does it have a flash command? If so, does it work?