Not an issue now (Case of the stupids--I can't fix that, but I fixed the issue I was having otherwise)

After updating, I noticed that 2 devices (an S2 Schlage door lock and an Inovelli Sensor) don't have any route information.

Refreshes aren't helping--that just brings up the Refresh/Remove/Replace buttons.

What's the least disruptive way to try to get these to behave properly again?


Have you tried repairing the individual items? If the refresh button isn't there, shutdown hub from settings. Unplug (at the wall not the hub) and wait 5 mins then poweer back up. See if the repair button is there then try agaijn

Right now, they are PENDING...and there is no repair button for these devices.

see my edited reply

Case of various stupids.


Shouldn't ever trust that Battery=97 means they aren't dead.

Replaced the battery in the door lock and it came out of its coma. Unplugged/Replugged the sensor and it seemed more lively as well. smh

Dumb me... (always looking for more complex issues after a major upgrade--forgetting the simple stupid stuff).



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