Not all hue rooms being added to google

Hi guys,

I have 2 hue bridges (big house) and I'd really like hubitat to be the way to control them, with voice integration with our google assistant speakers.

I can add both bridges fine into hubitat, no problems. All groups/lights are there.

But when I do the google integration, it's a mixed bad. It seems to add all the contents of bridge #1, but only a few rooms in bridge #2 regardless of me ticking during the google setup full permission for all the rooms.

I've tried it a dozen different ways and am stumped.

How should I do it?

Thanks heaps

How are you doing it? :slight_smile: Hue has a native integration with Google Home, so as long as you're using at least a v2 Bridge, you don't need to go through Hubitat at all for this. Besides taking out an unnecessary middleman, this would also give you access to Hue scenes and things that are not as easily integrated into Hubitat. The only disadvantage would be that Hue devices changed via GH won't be reflected immediately in Hubitat; the Hue Bridge Integration will see those changes at its next refresh/poll, by default scheduled for every minute. Unless you depend on this degree of resolution (e.g., an RM trigger based on a specific Hue bulb turning on that you are going to turn on through Google), using Hue's native GH integration would be my recommendation.

[EDIT: I see you have two Hue Bridges and I'm assuming GH supports only one. That may be your reasoning.]

If you do want to use Hubitat, GH seems to have some oddities if all the device attributes it expects aren't populated. This usually isn't an issue for bulbs (there are drivers tailed to each specific set of bulb capabilities), but Hubitat treats all Hue Bridge groups as RGBW devices, even if they contain only plugs, dimmable bulbs, or CT bulbs. You may need to go into the Hubitat device for each group and just do a setColor and setColorTemperature once (then turn them back off or whatever you want) if this is applicable to any if your rooms in order to get the "Current States" section in the upper right fully populated, which makes GH happier.

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