Not all dimmers are the same

Obviously... but this seriously threw me for a loop.

I have a 5 year old Schlage plug in Zwave dimmer, photo attached. I've been trying to migrate as many devices as possible to zigbee since for me it just seems to work better/faster/reliably.

I ordered 3 of these identical dimmers but these ones are made by GE/Jasco and zigbee. They are visually identical to my old Schalge dimmer. All three of these dimmers make my cheap LED buibs freak out, like 10% is OK, 40 and higher makes the bulbs flash bright for a moment and then go dim/flickering. So the bulbs aren't compatible with the dimmer, but the old physically identical, load specs identical Schlage dimmer works perfectly with these bulbs.

So even though both dimmers have identical load specs, have identical casing (had to have been manufactured in the same place), they are NOT equal.

FWIW, the "new" one was made in 2015. Things have changed in 6 years.