Not all actions being run

I created a virtual switch that when turned on, will execute a RM rule. I am then calling this from Alexa, but I am running into issues. It appears then when my rule runs, the lights turn on, but the fade to 10 does not execute. Am I approaching this incorrectly?

what do the logs show for this rule when it runs?

Can you turn on logging for the rule itself (events, triggers, actions)? And post a screen shot of the logs?

sorry, my mistake:

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It appears to me that your Rule is going to

  1. turn on "Nolan-LED Strip" to level 90 IMMEDIATELY
  2. start a fade
  3. turn off the virtual switch IMMEDIATELY
  4. turn off "Nolan-LED Strip" IMMEDIATELY

3 and 4 will not wait for 2 to be complete.

you could add a "delay 10min" to each of them

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Either this, or a single delay for 10 minutes between Actions 2 & 3. In this particular case, both approaches would both have the same effect.

Thank you, here is what I have now. Is it always the case that actions will run in parallel vs sequential?

Pretty much. The DELAY statement being one of the few that will block subsequent actions.

It take a little while to get your head around Rule Machine's programming design.

That is why using the other built-in Hubitat Apps, whenever possible, is usually recommended.


Thank you. I could never get this to work either. Now I see how it works.

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Now my rule turns the light on, never fades and never turns off after 10 minutes...

Can you post the logs of the rule running?

Let me share this device now, this one has been working just fine until I changed the fade from 5 to 15 minutes. Now when I wake up the light is on and it shouldn't be. If I manually turn it off it turns right back on. It seems like there is a bug in the fade action.

Here you can see me trying to manually turn it off from the device page, and it just kicks back on.