Not able to Connect Hubitat to Homekit

I am tinkering with the setup of homekit. I followed the directions here HomeKit Integration | Hubitat Documentation. However when I scan the QR code in the app, I get a message "Accessory Not Found" Make sure the accessory is powered on and connected to the router with an ethernet cable.

I have tried a a few things but nothing seems to work.

Make sure they are both on the same wifi, my ipad was on G and my routered wired. Had to switch IPad to N

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Bingo, that was it! Thanks much.

once you get the accessory connected, can you switch either back to a different subnetwork?

No and yes. Since HomeKit devices use mDNS (Bonjour) to "see" each other, the Hubitat hub needs to be on the same subnet as your controller (your phone, iPad, etc.). You can get around this if you know how to set up an mDNS reflector, or you can get around it by putting a HomeKit hub (recent Apple TV, HomePod, or HomePod mini) on the subnet with the Hubitat.

In the latter case, your controller would be going out to iCloud and back to control your devices, but at least it would work. The bonus is that you'd be able to control your devices away from home.

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