Not a fan of the Room Lighting App

I transferred my groups and scenes and Motion lighting to room lighting but I am not a fan so far. First it added a “Contact switch” to all the entries. ( I unchecked it and re-saved, ok now ) but now it’s more about lighting than the groups of tasks ( shades up ) type of automation.
Maybe a better name would be Scenes and Lighting or better yet just Scenes and Groups as scenes are typically comprised of groups. I like the new menu system, but I don’t think the app name is it’s actual function.
I’ve now got shade groups that are labeled as room lighting which is kinda bothersome ( to me )

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Ah, well, you know, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

You can certainly go on using what you were using before. Room Lights does know about shades and blinds, and how to treat them.

Lutron, who has sold more lighting control devices than all other manufacturers combined, introduced the notion of shades being a 'lighting' device, since it is used to control the amount of light coming into a space. Now, they have sold more shades than all other manufacturers combined. Just following their lead...

And you can certainly name each instance exactly the way you want to name it, e.g., Dining Room Shades.

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If you used a Room to setup Room Lights, and there is a contact sensor in that room, then it's going to assume you want to use it to control lighting for that room. That's why there is this note in the app:

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It’s all sorted out. My system is all about automation of most everything except the interaction via Alexa so it’s a set and forget situation. I got all the names / rooms sorted out and re-introduced them to Alexa. If the wife can say Alexa ………and a seldom used light comes on and goes off, the shades are closed on the sunrise side of the house and open on the sunset side every morning and visa versa in the evening we’re all good.

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