[NOT a BUG] (Some) Sonos Devices Repeating TTS Announcements

After documenting the issue below, I rebooted the affected Sonos units and the problem was resolved. Unfortunately, it appears to be another case of (Sonos) updates are the enemy. If it ain't broke, don't fix it/don't update. I'm posting the info below in case someone else experiences the same/related issue.

I have a few Rules that use the 'Speak on Sonos' Action. Randomly all announcements began repeating, endlessly:

Attention, this is a test
Attention, this is a test
Attention, this is a test

Both Sonos and Hubitat are running the latest available updates. The Sonos zone is not grouped and Sonos Repeat is not enabled.

I created a separate rule to test:


The issue exists irregardless of the 'text-to-speech' or music-player choice:

After discovering the issue only occurs on three of our seven Sonos zones I though it may be caused by a Sonos update and only affecting certain hardware but that doesn't appear to be the case:

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I just got the same thing @Busthead, you saying it's a firmware update from Sonos?

@mike.maxwell any ideas?

Mine was follow me app @bptworld I'll reach out.

Traditionally, system updates make changes and then reboot. Sometimes changes are made after the reboot - which necessitate an additional reboot but many manufactures don't want to reboot twice because doing so is an inconvenience to end users. Therefore, it is my opinion that a second manual reboot should be done.

i.e. my gravestone will say, "reboot twice."