[Not a BUG] Notify on temp

Looking for some advice on how to query a temp sensor and send a notification on the query.

I have a temp sensor in my swim spa and all I want to do is send a pushover notification once a day with the queried temp. The only thing I’m able to find is to send notification if temp changes or equals something. Is there a way to just query a device for temp and send a notification on its value?

Sure. Just make a rule like the one below.

“Query Temp” is a virtual momentary switch.
“temp” is a local variable for the rule.


Where are you setting the temp in the action? I’m not finding it.

Set variable.

temp is a local variable, so the set variable action can be used to set it to the value of the actual temperature sensor.

Here’s what I’m seeing … maybe I’m
Missing something?

What platform version are you on, and which version of Rule Machine?

I'm on platform with Rule Machine 5.1

Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 6.17.30 AM

Same platform and rule machine version. On C7

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Ah - I did my rule on a C-5. Let me test it on a C-7.

Yup - I have the same issue on the C-7. This is a bug.


There's a Rule Machine 5.1 bug in using the "Set Variable" action that manifests on a C-7, but not a C-5. Observed by @inetjnky on a C-7 and reproduced on my C-7.

explained by @bertabcd1234 below


On a C-5, this is that the "Set Variable" selection looks like

On a C-7, the "Set Variable" option is missing


I have a C-7 but still on and set variable is shown and selectable.

Do you have any variables on the affected hub? The action will be hidden unless you do. You may also need to "Done" your way out of and back into the rule if you created your first one while you had it open and it's a hub variable rather than local (not exactly sure when it fetches this list but seem to recall something along those lines).

I suspect this is the root of the OP's issue as well.

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I suspect Robert has the correct answer, as usual. :wink:

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That’s got to be it.

Help me understand. I have a sensor that reports temp. Why do I need to set a variable and what would I set it too?

Create a decimal variable. And then follow my rule.

Got it! Thanks!

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