Not a 100% HE issue I believe, but looking for some answers with IFTTT running 4hrs behind?

I have 3 windows blinds that I have added the Somfy RTS tilt motor in about 3yrs ago. I had them setup with ST using the Somfy ZRTSI RTS to Z-Wave controller and that worked a 100% every time.
But found out I was unable to set the blind to differences levels like 50% (half open), in HE using the Somfy ZRTSI like I was able to with ST. In HE they could only flip a 100% one way or the other.

So in order for me to have them to work with HE, I have added the Somfy myLink (RTS to WiFi) which works with IFTTT. For about a month everything seemed to be alright using HE and IFTTT to control the Somfy myLink. But with in the last two weeks all 3 blinds have not been responding when sending HE Rule commands, or finding that one or all three blinds have opened or closed in the middle of the day or night.

I am finding where a lot of the IFTTT applets have failed to run, or when they do run it's 2 to 4hrs later?
Has anyone else been experiencing this?

Here a few pics from tonight where I tried to close and open each window blind individually, but nothing happen. Then at 12:30 midnight, I found all 3 blinds open.

IFTTT is known for beeing slow.


but 4hrs Slow ??

When I tried to use it some days I would have settled for 4 hrs. :smile:
I gave up with it. Just too unreliable.

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On a general basis, I have found IFTTT response times to vary significantly depending on which service it’s connecting to, and whether the service is a trigger or action in a given applet. Four hours is not outside the realm of possibility.

In addition, sometimes there are temporary cloud issues that slow down applets that used to be ok.

Cloud anyway. Why not just keep the blinds on ST and use hub connect to control them?

I have Hubitat talking to MyLink directly over a LAN connection (no trip through IFTTT), details here: Integrate Somfy in Hubitat.