Nortek GoControl WD500z-1 Dimmer

First let me thanks the Hubitat Community.
I had to migrate everything from WINK to Hubitat and with some hiccups I got everything moved over..GE Bulbs, GE Dimmer. Go Control Garage Door opener, Various Motion Sensors and window/door sensors and a Leviton Outlet. The last thing i had to exclude and include was a WD500Z-1 dimmer . It is about 50 ft away from the hub and I couldn't get it to exclude using the Hubitat. After reading various posts on various sites I tried what was suggested and used a 65ft ethernet cable.
Hooked everything up and placed it about 5ft away and it excluded and included easily. I don't remember exactly what I did with the switch ..but a few taps on off and it excluded and included was easy using Generic Z Wave dimmer.
Thanks again all.. I'm done with all my devices. Now just refining some rules and dashboards!!!!!!!!!.


I have a bunch of those and it was the same way for me the last time I changed anything. They work well enough (they do not publish manual presses unless you remember to double tap them) with my original C-5 Hubitat that I have not needed to replace them. All my Z-Wave+ stuff goes on a C-7 Hubitat and gets shared via the mesh.

@user1628 I know you're pretty much migrated but look at this thread just in case you run into something soon...Are you new from Wink or Smart Things? This may help!