Nordic nRF52840 example zigbee dimmable light bulb will not join network

I am using a BMD-340 devkit with the example zigbee project supplied with the nRF SDK. I am using the Segger embedded studio for the compiling, etc.

The Hubitat device (with latest firmware The Hubitat will discover the device and read the clusters, but it will not allow the device to join the network (but i believe it thinks it does because it remains in the device list). It appears the BMD-340 is not allowed to finish the commissioning process.

I tried the exact same process on the Samsung SmartThings Hub and the BMD-340 joined the zigbee network immediately.

If anyone has any hints or ideas on how to debug this, i can supply as much information as needed.

Is it listed in the Hubitat Zigbee Details page? If so, you need to specifiy a hubitat driver for it to use. What type of device is it implementing (Switch, dimmer, light builb?)

It is not listed there as i am developing a new sensor. This particular test is just a basic generic dimmable light bulb with fingerprint profile id elements of: fingerprint profileId: "0104", inClusters: "0000,0003,0005,0004,0006,0008",....

I have used both the Generic Zigbee bulb and a custom driver that I have added into the hubitiat. So far, the problem does not seem to be here as it can always be discovered and driver assigned. This appears to be a lower level zigbee final join notification in the BDB COMMISSIONING process.

I am going to attempt to wade through the zigbee traffic with a sniffer to isolate the difference between the Samsung and the Hubitat.

We had planned to use the Hubitat for a product release so this is a bit of a show stopper at the moment.

I'm confused about what's not hapening here.
The device is discovered and a driver is assigned?
Or does discovery never get to the point of assigning a device driver on the discovery page...


The device is always discovered (and custom driver is assigned - if using mine). However, my device never gets the ZB_BDB_SIGNAL_STEERING with status of OK which means it never joins the network formally.

With the Samsung SmartThings, it joins successfully.

I am wading through the sniffer logs right now to see if i can identify anything with more resolution. They are communicating just fine back and forth, it just appears something subtle is missing in the low level commissioning.

Interesting, without getting this frame what is the device supposed to do?, I'll check into it but in all the frame captures I've done, including same device join captures between he and st, I don't recall seeing this payload...

Can you link to a reference of this frame?, ive not run across it...

Are these all zigbee 2.0 ezmode related?, if so we don't currently support that, we're at zha 1.2 currently...

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the head's up on that - it is not the EZ mode. I added in the following prior to my code and it now works (just prior to the zboss start of the network)

    zb_bdb_set_legacy_device_support(1);  // -tkr

Now i can continue!!