NOOB - Trigger Blinds via TV state?

I just installed 3 Z-wave Somfy double roller blinds. In my head what I need is a simple USB powered dongle that I can plug into the USB port on my TV. If it has power --> lower the blackout blinds.

So far the closest to that I have found is the Zooz 15 Power Switch, which seems a little overkill.

Is there a better/simplier/cheaper solution out there?

Since (I have left ST the easy integration is gone for both my TV's
I now use what you describe as "overkill" :slight_smile:
I have a GoControl Z-Wave power module on each TV and use WebCore to check how much power is being drawn to determine On/Off then deal with the sub, lighting and blinds
Since you say NOOB I'm sure someone can chime in on how to do this with Rule Machine easily.

So you're using the "always on" side of the module?

The module I'm using is PS15EMZ5-1. I use the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 driver as there isn't one for this device. You have to poll it to get the wattage change as it only reports Line volts and Energy regularly.
I have used inwall sockets before but I fiind they kept dropping off line; I suspect it was a gen 1 issue with GE.

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I use an Apple TV and Homebridge for the trigger. If your not using an Apple TV, homebridge has A LOT of plugins for other TV’s