Noob...sensi thermostat?

Hi. I have a dumb home, looking to smarten a bit starting w hvac. I am looking for a nice, slick thermostat that would work w Hubitat, the zwave thermostats all like kind of blah; I am interested in the sensi and am wondering if there’s some way to also stick it in the Hubitat for dashboard control?

I don’t mind that it has cloud control but i like to be able to control everything locally as well. Was glad to find Hubitat but I don’t know nuttin about no smart home stuff yet. Sensi works w wink, I don’t know what that means but it gives me hope it might work w Hubitat since some devices that work w wink work w Hubitat? I saw wink works w zwave and zigb, does that mean sensi might be using these protocols or something that can talk to them?

I like u can fully control from an app, from a hub, from the thermostat itself once set up, plus it’s sexy looking. Thanks.

Have you seen the vivint CT-200? :heart_eyes: Very different from the other z-wave thermostats.

Be careful with this one. Vivint is manufactured by Radio Thermostat and there are some issues with their Z-Wave firmware. There are other threads about that. I have a CT101 and my issue is with the updating of the OperatingState. I needed to create a rule to refresh the thermostat ever 30 seconds as I drive home fans with the thermostat is heating or cooling.

I don't like a minimalist thermostat, I like to see all the information like on the newer non smart Honeywells. But the Honeywell zwave one is green and old school.

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Interesting. I’ve got 3 of the 200-series and haven’t noticed any issues. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has reliability issues with this model, or if I’m just really lucky.

How about the Centralite Pearl Thermostat? It’s has a lot of info and isn’t ugly.

TRANE has one that shows a lot of info, but isn’t pretty.

@millicent2010 I used a Sensi when I was on SmartThings and it worked great for me. When I came over to Hubitat, I switched to a Zen in order to "keep it local ". Unfortunately, the Zen went crazy on Thanksgiving day. I replaced it with a Centralite Pearl, which has been fantastic. The wife even likes it!
As I understand it, at some point after I switched, Emerson changed their API, breaking the community developed integration with SmartThings. They also had a recall for a fire hazard ( I got my money back).

My advice is, if you can be local, be local... or as @bravenel once said," Local Rules!...Cloud Drools!"


Thanks :grinning:

Does this get powered by the low voltage wire or does it use the batteries? I like a battery back up but not as a primary source

It can be powered by c-wire or batteries. Batteries are required to maintain settings. Another plus for me is that if powered by c-wire, the display is always on. Dim level can be set in the advanced configs.

I know this is an old thread. I am interested in your experience with the Vivint thermostats. Do you utilize the thermostatOperatingstate from them in Hubitat? Does that update promptly and reliably?

I use mine on battery, so I’m guessing it’s not as prompt as if a person were using C-Wire, but it’s still relatively prompt (10s, maybe) and they’ve never missed a command or report that I’ve seen. They’re still my favorite thermostat for Design and operation. The powerley Ohio thermostat is a close second, but I recommend the CT-200 Element.