Non-responsive device as a trigger / condition

Does anyone know of a way to be notified that a battery powered device is dead?
The battery level itself isn't a great indicator - and I don't want to change the battery until it is actually dead.

I was thinking, most if not all of my devices are constantly reporting temperature. So maybe set up some rules to test if the temperature has changed in the last 6 hours. If not, the device is likely dead.

Would anyone have a better / less hacky method?


You can also do that from HSM.

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@SmartHomePrimer @Ryan780 Thank you both for the suggestions!


Old thread but… how do I do this in HSM? I’m having devices that just stop reporting but the dashboard says (for example) door’s closed while I stare at an open door. Then I check the device and is hasn’t reported in for three weeks.

HSM does battery level reporting, but lacks activity reporting. That is where the community apps, like Device Watchdog that is linked above, are better. They watch for activity (or lack thereof) and alert you when a certain time has elapsed with no activity.

Thanks neon. Sounds like HSM is out. So… I just want to monitor if a device “ghosts” the hub, so not “activity” per se. I’m not very technical, but do devices check in periodically so failure to check in can be reported?

Installing Device Watchdog. :-). Thanks!

I've always found the Device Watchdog works very well for Zigbee battery devices.
However, I've found that you have to look at the activity pages to see what is the "default" checkin period for that device. Some devices checkin every day, some every hour, etc.

Thanks jt! I’ll do that.