Non Repeating Zigbee Bulb

Looking for a :
Non-repeating bulb EU E27
if it's dimmable to Warm Cold too, is better

Is Sengled available to you?

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why not repeating?

Many ppl say that bulbs are not good repeater
but is not the most important, this bulb is in a place where i have 10.000 other repeater
non repeater maybe is cheaper

few not many in amazon


that's old LL lamps that don't work well on a HA 1.2 hub (hubitat) repeating other HA 1.2 and 3.0 devices. A lot of lamps now are ZigBee 3.0 which will correctly fall back to HA 1.2.

example new ledvance, aurora and inner lamps are zigbee 3.0 and they all work well in my setup. The older LL lamps I have are on their own hub separated as to not cause any issues.


Sengled bulbs are good for this purpose, in the US at least (but the OP needs a bulb in the EU).

But I would suggest trying out what @BorrisTheCat said. Find a zigbee 3.0 bulb that’s available in your area and has the features you want, the repeater/non-repeater problem shouldn’t affect you.


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